《To Foreign Members》Advanced Ver. Warm Up Training

Are all overseas members working hard to practice?

Members of the Japan Headquarters Dojo are practicing hard without the problem of COVID‑19.

Today, We made a video of the applied training of the technique introduced in the video "Warm Up Training" updated in February.

Please check it out and give it a try.

However, please be careful not to get injured by being absorbed in training.

* Sorry if there is an incorrect English translation in the video...

【Time Code Links】* Links will jump to the "Vimeo" site and play.

00:00 Intro

00:13 Advanced Version 1〜Aiki Lift

01:39 Advanced Version 2〜Aiki Down

02:30 Advanced Version 3〜Aiki Horizontally

03:50 Advanced Version 4〜Aiki Diagonally Below

06:13 Extra Edition 1

07:27 Extra Edition 2

08:28 Extra Edition 3

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