《To Foreign Members》Warm Up Training

To all foreign members.

How are you?

Now, at the headquarters dojo, 
we are doing this kind of Aiki warm-up before the Daito-ryu technique training.
We made an introductory video so please watch it.
* Sorry if there is an incorrect English translation in the video...

【Time Code Links】* Links will jump to the "Vimeo" site and play.
00:00 Intro
00:34 Warm Up 1〜Aiki lift with Both Hands
01:08 Warm Up 2〜Aiki lift with One Hands
02:16 Warm Up 3〜Aiki lift with One Hands
        (When the enemy grabs one hand with both hands)
03:00 Warm Up 4〜Dodge the Middle Level Punch
03:52 Warm Up 5〜Dodge the Upper Level Punch
05:00 OTHER〜Hand, Foot and Body work(about "SABAKI")
06:40 Extra Edition〜Aiki Lift
07:25 Extra Edition〜Aiki Down
08:28 Extra Edition〜Aiki Horizontally
09:36 Extra Edition〜Aiki Diagonally Below

大東流合気武道 至誠館

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